Who Keeps Meadowstone Going?

Tim and Jess

Tim & Jess met on their Freshman Trip at Dartmouth College while hiking the nearby Kinsman Ridge Trail. After teaching and traveling for a number of years they came to the White Mountains in 1997 to teach at The White Mountain School. Tim and Jess purchased the farm in 2003 and Tim wasted no time in getting his hands dirty on the land while Jessie fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting a school and with other women founded Woodland Community School.  It is located in the farmhouse and has thrived over the last 15 years. Tim and Jess have three children who roam the farm with skinned knees and dirty feet. Jeb is 18 and his favorite playmates are his friends, balls, and books.  In his younger days after morning chores he can be found sitting next to the furnace or in the hay reading his latest book.  He’s off to Colby College next year after first spending the fall studying in Spain. His current loves are mountain biking, skiing, and climbing.  Cole is 15 and is our best tour guide and interviewer!  He knows all the places to get into trouble at the farm but can most likely be found snuggling with the goat kids or sneaking tomatoes in the greenhouse.  His passions are all over the place but robotics, ceramics, lacrosse, musicals and wood carving are his current favorites.  Ani is 11 and spends her time playing in the stream, sliding down snowbanks, or showing her friends the best hiding places on the farm.  The famous Jack the dog and co-pilot Dixie, can be occasionally seen romping through the fields in search of critters.  When not at the farm Tim, Jess and family can be found skiing, paddling, biking and coaching or playing soccer and lacrosse.

Sam and Jenny

Jenny started working at the farm before Sam and lucky for us convinced him to become the Farm Manager. Jenny, a graduate of the University of Maine, now teaches at Woodland Community School, but can still be found at the farm with the students and "Farmer for a Morning" program.  Sam grew up in the Philadelphia area and went to school at Hamilton College, where he ran Cross Country and sang in an A Cappela group. Besides doing everything on the farm he can be found chasing Jenny over hill and dale as she trains for her adventure races, singing in local theater productions, and is known to make a mean Cappuccino. He has also been known to break out disco moves in the field and thinks he can still run 5k races in 17 minutes. Sam and Jenny have three kiddos, Thatcher(7) and Sylvie(5) love running around the farm making forts, checking on the animals and following Matt around. Adler now 2, loves making messes in the seed room, and saying “hi” to everyone. Between the teaching and farming schedule Sam and Jenny are often playing pick-up/drop off the farm.   


Danielle Belletete

Is yet another volunteer turned employee. Last season, while leading hikes for the AMC, she started volunteering and prided herself on eating entire wheels of cherve in one sitting. She has returned this year as head cheese maker to learn the secrets that go into the cheese she enjoys so much. After a few hiccups, she’s been making consistent batches that would make the French proud.

She’s from the 603, but is an alumni of the now extinct Green Mountain College, where she studied Adventure Education; because if life is an adventure, why not major in it? She took this to heart while traveling through Chile and Argentina subsiding on coffee, wine and free hostel breakfasts.

She’s been an avid consumer of cheese throughout her whole life and has yet to find a cheese she doesn’t love. This not only translates to a great palate but also a never-ending stream of cheesy jokes. Trust us she has some Gouda ones, don’t Chevre her aside, and you Feta try every cheese she grates. They’re so good there’s no whey you can stop eating them, our cheese is so famous I’m surprised you haven’t curd about us. Once she gets going, look out.

She rounds out her time at the farm as Tomato Queen, which keeps her busy pruning and stringing, and hopefully not eating our Sungolds when they start to ripen!

When she’s not at work you can find her frolicking barefoot outside, in a field, on a mountain, or in a river. She’s also runs a side business as a local seamstress, so if you have something that needs patching or sewing, she’s your lady.

 Jim Wells

After a career in computers and a couple decades of living on, sailing, and restoring old boats in LA harbor, Jim came back to his Northern New Hampshire roots seeking relevance, community, and a way to live with a light footprint. He's found all of these at Meadowstone Farm as the egg, asparagus, and spreadsheet guy.  When not at the farm he can be found bushwacking up local peaks and helping other folks in their sugarbush and boiling.

Matt Gordon

A passionate grower of fruits and vegetables, Matt's home garden is the envy of any farmer. After 20+ years as a motorcycle mechanic, Matt joined our team in 2014 as the mechanic on the farm. He has since evolved to be the go-to guy for just about everything.  He burns off his coffee buzz by doing tractor work, field cultivating, planting, helping with livestock, and harvesting; loving every minute of it. Matt has a great passion for skiing and most winter days he crams his feet into too small boots to bash some gates.  In the warmer months his wife Karen drags him off on bike rides (the human powered kind). As a NH native, Matt comes to the farm with a knowledge of the property having spent time here when he was child(his father was born in the farm house!). We all appreciate his willingness to learn, educate others, and the donuts he brings every morning to counteract all the organic veggies.


Mikaela Anneser

Mikaela began working for us in the summer of 2014, and has been adding her creative touches to the farm ever since. After graduating from Profile High School in 2010 she went onto college to become a nurse however soon realized that she wanted to have a deeper connection with the earth and be on the more holistic side of health. Before she came to us, she worked as a landscaper, apprenticed with an herbalist, and worked with a local florist. The farm has been a perfect match for her, and her passion has flourished, literally. She has been growing flowers for us since the start, and now we have given her garden space to develop a pick-your-own flower garden. She is part of the whole process of growing at the farm, from planting, to harvesting, and packaging orders. You may recognize her from the local farmers markets we have attended in previous years, starting in 2018  she will be keeping our CSA distribution running smoothly.

Jeannie Leone

Jeannie is the anchor that keeps us all honest and on task.  She came looking for a job a couple years ago after buying some tomato plants and realized they were almost as good as Grandpa Leone's!  She keeps the office organized and efficient, but loves her time in the stand working with customers and maintaining the stand herb gardens.  When not at the farm, she relishes her time on backcountry skis and biking throughout the area. 

Katie Fiegenbaum

Meadowstone Farm has been one of Katie’s constants over the past 10 years as she has studied, worked and traveled the globe and we are very grateful to be a stop on her life’s travels.  She’s originally from Southern NH and arrived at the farm as a volunteer over her summer vacation from American University, where she majored in International Studies and minored in Arabic.  From the onset, she established herself as an integral part of the farm, tackling any and every task with an awesome attitude and desire to learn.  Over the years she has returned to the farm to volunteer and work for short stints, but last year we were lucky enough to convince her to stay for the whole summer. This summer we are again excited to have her energy, dedication and organization as our vegetable manager, but knowing that her real desire is to open a bakery on a busy street in a foreign land.  When not picking zucchini at the farm, she’s out hiking (she finished her 4000’ footers last summer!), researching recipes (she has a strange ability to be sent any picture of a dish taken within a 2000 mile radius and then replicate it), or working on tractor skills and getting the Dodge stuck in the mud.

Jared Belsky

Jared started working at Meadowstone not even a week after he graduated from Hamilton College, bringing along a relieved and stress-free spirit...for now. On his first day he immediately connected with Sam, who not only went to Hamilton, but also sang in the same a cappella group.

Originally from Massachusetts, since 2008 Jared’s family of educators has owned property almost directly across the street from the farm. Somehow it took 10+ years until Jared finally met the wonderful people of Meadowstone, but boy is he happy to be here now.


He only recently caught the foodie “bug,” attributing that to the 6 months he spent in central Italy, where he learned about food systems and sustainable agriculture, and was psyched to connect that to his Environmental Studies major. While in Italy, he also met his girlfriend (and well-established foodie) Mackenzie and together they stayed into the summer to conduct anthropological research on sustainable viticulture. Back at Hamilton, he did a similarly structured ethnography on cider apple growers in the Finger Lakes for his senior thesis. For Jared, doing all this reading and writing about farming developed an itch that could only be cured with actual farm work. It was time to get his hands dirty. So here he is, and what a place to do it! He is thankful to be able to walk to work every morning, and relishes his days which are filled with so much learning (and peppering Katie with questions).

Jared also delivers to restaurants and the Littleton Co-op. He isn’t tired of it quite yet. While not at work, he can be found hiking, playing/watching soccer, eating, or helping his old dog Lucy up and down the front porch stairs.